You’ll probably want to get on a schedule of aerating that lawn to help keep thatch under control. Thatch is an accumulation of roots, stems, and leaves that build up faster than they decompose. So, aerating is done to speed up the decay process and reduce the amount of thatch in your yard. I’m using a hollow tine or a core aerator.

This is the type of aerator that pulls plugs up out of the ground. Then follow up with the application of fertiliser.

Follow these steps and you’re on your way to a great looking lawn.

Step One: you’ll want to water your lawn before you use your aerator, just to soften the soil and make it easier for those tines to penetrate through the thatch and through the soil.

Step Two: aerate. You’re going to want to make straight passes with this piece of equipment. You’re not going to want to try to turn it while the tines are operating.

Step Three: apply your fertilizer.

Step Four: water. And within a week you should see noticeably greener grass and a healthier looking lawn.

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