Natural Fertilisers

natural fertilizers  

Why Fertilise? And why use Natural Fertiliser?

Just like our bodies need nutrients to function and grow, so do plants. The soil contains many of the vital nutrients needed, but as plants use them, the soil can become depleted.

Soil also can get depleted from erosion by wind and rain. Fertilizing is a method of replenishing the fertility of the soil. The healthier the soil, the healthier the plants will be.

Chemical fertilisers only treat part of the problem, and they can pollute the environment. They do not replace organic matter that becomes depleted in the soil.

Fertile, healthy soil is important for the environment, and allows healthy agriculture and sustainability throughout future generations. Using natural fertilisers ensures the safety and good health of the human generations that will live off the produce of the land.

In this important effort to regain and maintain the purity of our soil, Organic Fertilisers and high-quality Bio Fertilisers play momentous roles.

MowJoe has been a pioneer in implementing natural gardening solutions in this region. From organic plant food to Organic Potting Mixes, we utilise an extensive selection of natural organic products that work in harmony with nature to grow beautiful lawns and gardens, preserve natural resources, and make a safer world for future generations.

Our organic fertilisers are all purpose, all season fertilisers, safe around children and pets, and most importantly, environmentally friendly. They will not pollute our surface and ground waters.

Our organic fertiliser program:

  • Increases soil health by building organic matter within the soil
  • Stimulates natural soil life
  • Strengthens the natural defense system of plants
  • Is safer for your family, and pet-friendly
  • Improves growth of roots
  • Lowers drought stress

Using our organic fertiliser gives you a cost-effective method of making organic and natural lawn care part of your lawn and yard maintenance routine.

Soils with lots of organic material remain loose and airy, hold more moisture and nutrients, foster growth of soil organisms, and promote healthier plant root development.

If only chemicals are added, the soil gradually loses its organic matter and micro-biotic activity. As this material is used up, the soil structure deteriorates, becoming compact, lifeless, and less likely to hold water and nutrients. As a result, an increased amount of fertiliser is needed to feed plants.

We can give you a healthier, environmentally better lawn than traditional chemical lawn care companies, at comparable prices.

The organic matter in our fertilizer feeds microorganisms in the soil, improving the foundation upon which plants grow. Healthy soil is the long-term key to lawn and garden success. Without fertile soil, plants cannot thrive and grow.

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